Little StiTcheS: Is 2.5 inches tall and has slightly evil tendencies as well as a ‘creator complex’. After finding his creator, Little StiTcheS makes her broken piano his permanent residence. He also develops a sock fetish and is always ‘hunting’ socks and displaying them in his home. StiTcheS is extremely strong, stubborn and at times short tempered. He speaks in grumbles and grunts, uses a magic sign to communicate and a sewing needle as his weapon of choice.

Sora: The Pixie Agent who brings Little StiTcheS to life, but due to her failure to Stamp him, loses her job as an agent. Eventually she finds herself traveling with StiTcheS and helping him find his maker. Sora is witty and has a dry sense of humor.

A rejected cow toy prototype for Chick-fil-a. Mu’s biggest problem is keeping himself standing due to his oversized head and extremely thin legs. He can only say one word, “Mu”, which is where he gets his name. Although unwanted, Mu stays optimistic and affectionate, especially to StiTcheS. Mu joins him after an encounter during one of StiTcheS’ adventures in the toy world. (Mu follows him everywhere for a while before StiTcheS‘allows’ him to be his companion.)

Big StiTcheS: After being brought to life by Little StiTcheS, Big StiTcheS has the arduous task of pretending to be a toy when necessary. He is not amused by Little StiTcheS’s attempts on his life or everyday annoyances. Little StiTcheS is jealous of his existence because he is loved and cuddled daily by their maker. (She also sleeps with him at night) Big StiTcheS also enjoys entering into the toy world, but denies any affiliation with Little StiTcheS when there. Big StiTcheS is very fun-lovingly crazy and has a good temperament. He is usually very easy to get along with, but has a huge complex about his pom-pom. (Don’t touch it.)

Sir Peep: A diabolical chick peep that was accidentally brought to life. Due to his extremely unhappy state of being alive, he starts the Underground Society Against Toys Brought to Life. His characteristics are hopping, due to not having legs, and making the sound ‘peep’ whenever he lands on the ground.
Roommates: Stitches’ maker and her roommate who, when are referred to together, are the Roommates. StiTcheS’ creator always refers to Big StiTcheS as her ‘boyfriend’, which infuriates Little StiTcheS. She is also always 'misplacing' her toe socks.