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Anime/Comic Book Conventions where StiTcheS plush doll action figures are sold

StiTcheS & Company Gallery

StiTcheS Lineage Book 2007-2008

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StiTcheS Plushies

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Little StiTcheS Book 2003

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StiTcheS Multimedia/Experimental Animation

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Most of these animations were done for college studies and were never put up for viewing due to their unprofessional and unfinished state. The majority of them were supposed to be combined into a larger story, however time ran out and I never went back to finish it.



This is the very first StiTcheS animation ever made. Concept is StiTcheS vs. video game controller.

After I learned how to work with bipeds and rig a model, I made Little StiTcheS dance like a fiend.

This is the lead in to a quirky dream sequence that never really was put together. Here Zombie Queen and StiTcheS fight over Gumby.


First part of the last dream sequence in which StiTcheS falls through a doorway in claymation style.

The first part of the dream sequence that was never pulled off the way I had hoped. Sequence was dropped and is more like a sketch.

After I designed the first StiTcheS animation, StiTcheS Matrix, my professor took StiTcheS and made a model of him. He surprised me with

this awesome StiTcheS

Kung Fu short. Animation and

model by MICA professor

Bill Sheppard.


Big StiTcheS

Little StiTcheS

Big StiTcheS' Friends

Zombie Queen

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Little StiTcheS' Friends



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