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Big StiTcheS

After being brought to life by Little StiTcheS, Big StiTcheS has the arduous task of pretending to be a toy when necessary. He is not amused by Little StiTcheS’s attempts on his life or everyday annoyances. Little StiTcheS is jealous of his existence because he is loved and cuddled daily by their maker. (She also sleeps with him at night) Big StiTcheS also enjoys entering into the toy world, but denies any affiliation with Little StiTcheS when there. Big StiTcheS is very fun-lovingly, crazy and has a good temperament. He is usually very easy to get along with, but has a huge complex about his pom-pom. (Don’t touch it.)


After making his debut in Toy World, Big StiTcheS becomes the next big sensation. His popularity roars out of control after starring in his own t.v. show. Almost everyone who meets him is drawn to his confidence and witty humor. After fullfilling his t.v. and movie contracts, Big StiTcheS decides to try something brand new. Thus he joins his friends together to start a band called the Screaming Bunnies. Unfortunately the name he chooses seals their fates and forces them to preform in costume and under bunny aliases.


Zombie Queen

Zombie Queen

Zombie Queen is StiTcheS' best friend who resides in the Monster World, also known as the Netherworld. She usually keeps to herself due to her condition. This poor girl has been cursed with the powers of the undead and trapped in a body that never ages. Whatever being of flesh and blood she touches beccomes a zombie for her to command and control. Every half moon, she turns into a mindless zombie and attacks whomever is near.


Since her condition is so severe, Zombie Queen leaves the human world to live the rest of her unnaturally long life in the Monster World. However, her loneliness ends once she meets Big StiTcheS.


It was Zombie Queen's idea that he start a band, although she never would have suggested it if she knew she would be their bassist.





Mew is a cat toy tossed away by a careless child. She ends up becoming a friend to StiTcheS when accidentally mailed to his home. Trying to save on travelling fares Mew intended to mail herself to her friend Patch, who offered up his home for her to live in. They are both quite surprised to meet eachother: StiTcheS expected something different to come from his new package and she expected to see someone else when her package was opened. Mew's characteristics include a horrible memory and an even worse sense of direction.


After sharing adventures and some t.v. experience with Big StiTcheS, Mew decides to join his band called the Screaming Bunnies, as their keyboardist.




Patch is a dog toy who shared the same owner as Mew for a long while. Patch was the first to be thrown away and moved to Toy World shortly after. He is a loyal friend who has a weakness for soft objects.


After getting word from Mew that she was also thrown away, Patch invited her to live with him so they could enjoy the same types of fun times they had when their owner was away. When Mew never arrived on the day she was supposed to, Patch figured that she had gotten horribly lost and had forgotten where she was going and why. Months of searching lead him to Big StiTcheS and Mew. Ever since then Patch has been a loyal friend to both.


He is also one of the Screaming Bunnies band members who plays the electric guitar.




After the Creator was turned into a toy, held hostage in Toy World and eventually saved and returned to normal by both StiTcheS, a small part of her subconscious remained separate. This subconscious entity appears in the Toy World only when the Creator slumbers and sometimes acts as StiTcheS' conscience. Neoqueenhoneybee named herself so and at times accompanies StiTcheS on his wacky endeavors, whether they be adventures or career oriented schemes. Neoqueenhoneybee cannot remember what the Creator does during the hours when she is awake and the Creator usually does not recall anything that she does in her sleep. If the Creator does remember something, she passes it off as a dream.


After getting used to the fact that Neoqueenhoneybee is in Toy World to stay, even if only during sleeping hours, StiTcheS accommodates his home so she can be his housemate.




Little StiTcheS

Little StiTcheS is 2.5 inches tall and has slightly evil tendencies as well as a •creator complexê. After finding his creator, Little StiTcheS makes her broken piano his permanent residence. He also develops a sock fetish and is always •huntingê socks and displaying them in his home. StiTcheS is extremely strong, stubborn and at times short tempered. He speaks in grumbles and grunts, uses a magic sign to communicate and a sewing needle as his weapon of choice.


After much time passes between him and Big StiTcheS, they come to a half hearted truce and Little StiTcheS demands to be included in Big StiTcheS' new band. Little StiTcheS forces his way into the band as their new drummer.


Sora is the Pixie Agent who brings Little StiTcheS to life, however due to her failure to Stamp him, loses her job as an agent. Eventually she finds herself traveling with StiTcheS and helping him find his maker. Sora is witty and has a dry sense of humor.


Through her travels and adventures with Little StiTcheS, she eventually begins to return his feelings towards her.


Mu is a rejected cow toy prototype for Chick-fil-a. Muês biggest problem is keeping himself standing due to his oversized head and extremely thin legs. He can only say one word, –Mu”, which is where he gets his name. Although unwanted, Mu stays optimistic and affectionate, especially to StiTcheS. Mu joins him after an encounter during one of StiTcheSê adventures in the toy world. (Mu follows him everywhere for a while before StiTcheS •allowsê him to be his companion.)

Sir Peep

Sir Peep

Sir Peep is a diabolical chick peep who was accidentally brought to life. Due to his extremely unhappy state of being alive, he starts the Underground Society Against Toys Brought to Life. His characteristics are hopping, due to not having legs, and making the sound ‘peep’ whenever he lands on the ground.


His pet peeves are the color pink, sweet foods, the sound of his own 'peep' and the nickname Sir Peep-a-lot, which was given to him by Little StiTcheS.


The Creator

Stitchesê maker who is almost always represented by her toe socks since her face is rarely seen. It is because of StiTcheS' constant watch over his creator that he develops an obsession for toe socks. Due to his new obsession he is always stealing them from her, which causes his creator to assume that she often misplaces her toe socks.


After making Little StiTcheS and thinking that she lost him in her move from college, the Creator uses his design to make a larger version of him. She loves her creation and always refers to Big StiTcheS as her •boyfriendê, which only add to the fire in Little StiTcheS.

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