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About StiTcheS & Company

StiTcheS' Beginning

StiTcheS was born December 2001 with the creation of Little StiTcheS. Since then there have been many concepts behind StiTcheS and his origin. From little space traveler to toy brought to live, Little StiTcheS served as the main story driven character.


Shortly after the creation of Little StiTcheS, and his first debut in a stop motion animation, an attempt to create a larger version was made. It was not until 2004 that a Big StiTcheS plush was fully realized, and that prototype was used to create the manufactured version in 2006.


Story attempts on both StiTcheS ended in failures for 5 years after his birth. Little StiTcheS' story became more real as Big StiTcheS' story became more confusing. In 2006 a company asked to see a cartoon pitch for StiTcheS and that is when both StiTcheS stories began to make sense and fit into the same world.


In the beginning, Little StitcheS travelled through space in his cardboard box and into the dorm of three roommates. Being only 2.5 inches tall, he was hard to spot and coutlessly got stepped on or sat upon. Little StiTcheS made it his mission to take over the apartment and from there, the entire block. Big StiTcheS was supposed to come in as Little StiTcheS' creation, serving as his slave to get him places that he could not due to his small stature. Of course, nothing goes as planned and he created a being with a will of his own. This initial concept was thrown out in 2006 due to the over use of alien genre.


StiTcheS of Now

By throwing away the previous concept, a new idea for both StiTcheS emerged. Toy brought to life. Below you can read the pitch written for an animation featuring the adventures of Little StiTcheS and eventually Big StiTcheS.



Once there was a plush maker who loved her creation so much that when she kissed it, it came to life. Well, not really. Enter Sora, a Pixie Agent working for the Society of Toys Brought to Life (STBL), who has the authority to give StiTcheS life. Unfortunately for her, the transaction doesnÍt go as planned, due to the uncooperativeness of her client. StiTcheS evades her attempt to Stamp him and uses his newly acquired ID and passport to enter the toy world. (As a Semi-Illegal) Since he has not been officially ïstampedÍ with a tracking device, the PBI (Pixie Bureau of Investigation) is on a mission to find him.


During his adventures, StiTcheS finds himself face to face with the Underground Society Against Toys Brought to Life (USATBL), led by Sir Peep, as well as new companions to travel with (Mu) and new foes to butt heads with. Eventually he becomes homesick for his creator and enlists Sora as one of his new traveling crew in order to determine the location of his maker. (And to eventually hit on her)


StiTcheSÍs constant stops are the Cardboard Cantina, where he has a shot of sawdust and occasionally a stake (a plain wooden stake) and the human world to steal socks from the Creator. His ultimate goal, however, is to make his creator aware of his existence, which is against the first amendment of the STBL Constitution. Will little StiTcheS be jealous when he finds that his maker has already made another, larger version of himself?


What's the Difference Between StiTcheS?

The two StiTcheS are simply referred to as Big and Little StiTcheS. They are family in that the same person made them both. Ironically, Little StiTcheS is Big StiTcheS’ older brother and although they look almost exactly alike, there is one distinct visual difference. Little StiTcheS has round ears while Big StiTcheS has rectangular ears.


The main goal of Little StiTcheS is to make his existance known and surpass the overwhelming popularity of his younger brother, Big StiTcheS. He plans and overplans for everything and in the end, gets very little. He tends to be more bitter towards the world and prefers to be a loner.


Big StiTcheS does not look too far into the furture and tries to have as many adventures in the now as possible. He also is career oriented and works hard putting himself out there for all to see. While he is not seeking lifelong goals like his big brother, everything he touches seems to blossom.

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